The Evil Diaries: Petropavlosk, Quindell, and Mulberry

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The gold price has really been quite strong. It still feels right to run it, now $1,185. However, funnily enough the gold miners are not responding materially, if at all. Orosur (OMI) reported acceptably this morning but has barely changed.

I am told that the price of gold really needs to go through $1,200 and look like staying up there before the junor miners will kick off. One such would beĀ  (POG) now 6.5p offer. Being greedy, I would buy this today.




I bought Quindell (QPP) at 99p for a member of my family and, on reflection, I still would, now at 102p offer, since a distribution of 100p and possibly more is on its way. The problem is that a fog of scepticism has descended upon the price. Foolishly so in my opinion.




Burberry (BRBY) is down 12% today on news of reluctant Chinese customers. Why not Mulberry (MUL), still above 900p? This latter is an extraordinarily rigged price.




Finally, at this rate, Corbyn will be out of power long before any question of a General Election emerges. Quite extraordinary.

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