The Evil Diaries: Greek Travails, Home Capital Group and Pantheon

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The Evil Diaries: Greek Travails, Home Capital Group and Pantheon

Goldman Sachs declare that from hereon Greece’s travails will not influence markets anything like as much as they have in recent weeks. I wonder. The fact is that all this toing and froing for meetings has done virtually nothing to bring down the 50% unemployment rate amongst Greek youth. Therefore the next development will be youths rioting. Which affects markets, I believe.


Lucian has drawn my attention to Home Capital Group (HCG on Toronto). It closed at CAD35 last night and has been attacked by short-sellers. But Lucian advises that one should keep at it since this should eventuate to a zero.

Apparently they lend money to overleveraged buyers of Canadian residential property, itself a hugely overblown market.


I am holding Pantheon (PANR) very tight. I am told that we are only days away from hitting pay dirt. If so, the current 24.5p could move north of 100p.


PubeTube: After YouTube, we get PubeTube. The founding editor is an RAF Flight Sergeant who, ejected from Royal Ascot, repositioned himself in a car park and used, we are told, a “very good quality” camera that “could perform extreme close-ups”. Prosecuting, Pamela (Pubic*) Hayre-Wakefield said “For the majority of the videos the defendant had clearly sat down on the grass near a group of women drinking and filmed backwards with the camera positioned between his arm and his body. The majority of the women in the footage were wearing underwear but in some videos you can see female pubic hair.” These were classified as lewd shots, the taking of which is claimed to be against the law since “they outrage public decency”. They strike me more as evidence of lunacy.

Seemingly, the Aviator Camera Man also managed down top shots concentrating on breasts. He can’t have been sitting down at the time unless positioned (not disclosed) amongst a group of dwarves. It’s all very muddling.

*Or so I presume.


Medical enquiry: On BBC Radio 4 yesterday a breast cancer expert advised women, who are checking their breasts, to see whether their nipple is “introverted”. My question is: just how would the nipple know? The fact is that nipples do not speak – or not where I come from.

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