The Evil Diaries: The rumour mill grinds on…

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The Evil Diaries: The rumour mill grinds on…

A longstanding deep throat was on the dog yesterday and he draws my attention to: Petrofac (PFC). He doubts the quality of these earnings and more directly the outlook. Now 830p. Carillion (CLLN) which to him seems to have mistimed its acquisitions. Now 315p. There is a large short position but this is in part explained by a short against the convertible. And Optimal Payments (OPAY): here he refers me to line 4 of page 18 of the recent prospectus. What can he mean? Now 320p.

OPAY is applying for full listing. If they get it the shares will rise. Per contra…….


Nobody I know understands the accounts of Avanti (AVN). Perhaps even the directors do not. Now 215p.


I picked up a few Tyratech (TYR) and will convert them next year to TYRU. Quite why there is this barmy two tier capital structure is beyond me.


Finally, Corbyn disappointed a bit yesterday since he avoided the charge of being crassly infantile by being merely mealy-mouthed.

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