The Evil Diaries: “Mirror mirror on the wall: just when on earth will you fall?”

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The Evil Diaries: “Mirror mirror on the wall: just when on earth will you fall?”

There is a disconnect going on here. I mean, this morning’s Guardian runs a story on Sadie Frost’s damages claim which she has won from Mirror. I hear a figure of £250,000 plus legal expenses. Since this sort of pole-axing amount is to be repeated many times to come, one must presume that Trinity Mirror (TNI) have underprovided for this disaster – they certainly underpaid into Court. Apparently, Mirror’s counsel admitted liability to compensate for hurt and then tried to challenge whether the claimant had been hurt. The purpose of this public inconsistency was to try to get claimants to back off. However, I am told that the judge was having none of this and warned Mirror’s counsel that each such question was putting up the damages by £10,000 a time. And, of course, Mirror still have to pay counsel. All this could run to many many tens of millions of pounds. And some think that it is sufficiently serious to take Mirror insolvent. I myself cannot comment on the extent of Mirror’s problems. but they are clearly vastly more than Mirror has so far publicly announced as in point and provided for. Mirror is now 180p.

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