No Sex Please, We’re British

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No Sex Please, We’re British

Quite how HSBC (LON:HSBA) this morning records higher profits I do not know. My personal experience of this bank in recent times not merely on my own account but also that of others persuades me that HSBC has a death wish.


Pay no attention to Hexagon AB‘s (STO:HEXA-B) rise on Friday. The fraud is deep-seated and is merely taking longer to unravel. It’s down 7 Skr this morning and now stands at 428 Skr.


Robert Peston’s been on the wireless this morning advocating detailed state direction of funds to inhibit what those of the Peston persuasion regard as unhappy local developments – such as in the North East. Be it noted that the North East has spawned tens of quite brilliant entrepreneurs over the centuries. So what Peston thinks his scheme will achieve I cannot imagine. Hint: he’s a covert dirigiste.


Finally, Brian Rix’s farce, No Sex Please, We’re British, ran for at least twenty years and it is therefore amusing to me that the bigheaded Anna Soubry, possibly henceforth to be known as La Soubrette, reckons that some good will come of her witch hunt around the House of Commons. We now know that she claims deeply to resent being fondled inappropriately. But what would she say is the view of the many women in the House of Commons who, privately, do not mind? Hint: she has no idea.

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