I sense litigation on the way

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I sense litigation on the way

Suitably instructed, I begin by apologising to Liverpool and promise never to do it again – that’s for whatever it was I did, not for the apology. I am resigned to the latter in perpetuity.

The same instructor states that for thoroughness one should add “We are an equal opportunities employer” or (or?) “May contain nuts*”.


Apparently the LSE merger is off. This is a pity since it was an opportunity to sell the Germans £20bn+ of thin air. Now we’ll have to do some work.


Warren Buffett, no less, has declared that investment management fees are grotesquely excessive. He thinks index funds are the way forward. This does not say much for Berkshire Hathaway but it is a killer of the stream of bull from the investment management industry. I sense litigation on the way. I have got a little list….


Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) is said to be about to run out of cash. In perhaps four months. I suppose it does not matter since the fans will be tapped for billions well in advance of that and will not mind in the slightest. But it’s hard to see why the share price is up here. (Incidentally, I learnt over the weekend that Tesla is named after a Nikola Tesla who was a Croatian physicist born in 1856. I bet most readers did not know that. His photo on Wikipedia is of a rather handsome chap.)


*At teatime yesterday I opened a packet of Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut chocolate. On the wrapper Cadbury’s have got over having to declare “May contain nuts” (which looks a bit silly) by deploying the legend that the chocolate contains almonds and MAY CONTAIN OTHER NUTS (in lower caps, for the avoidance of doubt). If one suffers from a nut allergy (a serious matter, no doubt) what is the position if one cannot read or is handed a bit of chocolate containing nuts? Or one does not know the meaning/nature of ‘almonds’? Problems, problems.

I also backed As De Mee at Fontwell and explained to the clerk taking the bet that As De Mee is French for My Bottom. I have backed As De Mee before and advise that this translation is always accepted without a moment’s hesitation. The horse lost.

And nor did the speculation stop there: this morning has seen the great balls up scenario continue with Moonlight’s triumph. Talk about a cliffhanger.

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  • Yes, of course I knew the Tesla was named after Nikola Tesla..
    Surely everyone knows that.. 😊

  • Simon Cawkwell says:

    They do now. But last week?

    A poll of right-thinking citizens that I took by way of research and evidence concluded that only 0.71% of stock market aficionados knew the basis/origin of the name Tesla. Mind you I put a gun to their heads to say NO. This may have affected the result.

  • Andrew says:

    Any thoughts on PurpleBricks would be interesting. Also do you think that Crowd Funding has parallels to the types of things in the book: “Extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of the crowds.”

    Purple Bricks current market value £800m and revenue in the six months to October 2016 at £19m.

  • Jim says:

    Do you have any current views on your friend Jim Mellon’s Regent Pacific Group Limited?

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