Heaven defined

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Heaven defined

I think that one of the essential rules of showbiz is that one should leave them wanting more. On this basis, Henry Blofeld’s session this week reading his book, Over and Out, on BBC Radio 4’s Book of the Week slot and which finished today deploys the very showbiz rule earlier adduced.

The entire presentation has been consistently funny and droll. I can’t put my finger on the best but I particularly like the problem covered on Thursday of how the BBC should introduce The Maharajah of Baroda as a member of the TMS commentary team. The matter was put to the man himself who advised that he would like to be introduced as Lieutenant-General The Gaekwar of Baroda on the first couple of occasions and thereafter as The Prince of Baroda. The prince had clearly not kept up to date with the decline of deference in the UK.

However, my particular high points of the week’s session were Blofeld’s imitations of John Arlott. And if you haven’t visited this trip down memory lane (I thought it quite emotional) you can log on to BBC Radio 4 and feast away. It’s really good.


I this morning found myself gripped with insanity and shorted bitcoin (at $15,800). It was really yesterday’s news that JP Morgan’s endorsement of this approach to currency that did it for me. Others will point to a contrarian-derived sense of greed.

But, however I look at this, it seems to me to have the characteristics of the South Sea Bubble promotion of 1720 which had as its objective not to disclose it since “its purpose shall be revealed”.

Just stick with Blowers and go to heaven.

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