Evil Knievil: Time to sell again

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Evil Knievil: Time to sell again
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Even now I am not sure, but strolling outside my flat the other day Julie Walters came towards me. I raised my hat and commented; “Are you the lady whom I think you are.”

“Hard to say,” came the reply and she went on by. I still don’t know.


I remarked to the chairman a few weeks ago that when the market breaks racehorse prices will decline sharply. Actually, I got this the wrong way around. Apparently, sale prices have generally been very disappointing in both Deauville and Newmarket. They tell us that stock market prices are on the way down. So far, they are.


Trump kept telling his political base that, thanks to Trump, the market was going up. But the day came when the chairman of the Fed, Powell, started putting interest rates up and the market fell. Trump now slags off Powell and blames Powell for the disappointments now emerging. I wondered How Trump would lie his way out of this one.


Finally, Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) recovered a titchy bit and now stands at $262. Time to sell again. The emergence of economically priced competition is turning into a torrent.

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