Evil Knievil: This looks encouraging

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Evil Knievil: This looks encouraging
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The conviction of Carl Beech now raises the question as to what on earth the police were doing giving credence to Beech? Also, what on earth other than wholly irresponsible propaganda to assist, as he saw it, the Labour Party was Tom Watson achieving by supporting Beech?


Fever Tree (LON:FEVR) reported this morning and it seems that the great revived gin fad is coming to an end. It follows that the demand for tonic water is tending to prove similarly constrained. It’s hard to see the price perking up. Now £20.


Location Sciences (LON:LSAI) is now holding its own at 4.0p bid. This looks encouraging.


Finally, my brother and sister and I are awaiting a grant of probate on our late father’s estate – he died in mid-February. We have paid the probate grant fee of c. £6,000 and IHT of the order of £550,000 so far. But the civil service cannot get round to clearing this grant. This is extremely tiresome.

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  • Mark Lyndon says:

    (LON: FEVR) More to do with profit taking than any percieved “revived gin fad
    coming to an end”. Besides, there is always Vodka and Tonic.
    More interesting insights by Rod Liddle are to be found in The Speccie into the appalling Beech scandal.
    You have an original point in calling out the anal retentiveness of our “Rolls Royce” Civil Service.
    Also (LON:LSAI) is worth looking into.

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