Evil Knievil: This is a close shave

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Evil Knievil: This is a close shave

I have used Gillette Sensor holders and razor blades for at least thirty years. However, when ordering more blades the other day, I got £30 worth for an outlay of £60. I must have misread the deal on Amazon.

But it caused me to wonder whether there is any practical competition to Gillette and therefore I noted the TV ads for Harry’s.com and decided that I would give them a try.

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The package duly arrived in impenetrable form. (I cannot think why – none of the included was capable of being broken in transit.) The instructions are brilliantly written and a standout example of a top-class copywriter at work. At £3.45 as a starter (I’ll now be submerged with further debits for further blades) it has got to be worth a go. You never know: these guys might put the pressure on Gillette.


Dixons Carphone (LON:DC.) have warned big time on profits. I think their problem really lies in the public’s having grown bored of upgrading mobile phones. Branches can be closed left right and centre. But that’ll not rectify this problem. Stay short.


Just asking around for a fair deal for the cost of borrowing IQE (LON:IQE). CFD providers seems to want horrific margin rates and a borrow cost of as much as 8% p.a.

Even major companies are being charged out at 2% p.a. As for short rebate, forget it.

There is little proper competition in lending stock.


Finally, Cenkos have resigned the brokership at Stobart. I wonder why.

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  • David Robertson says:

    This question is unrelated to this piece.
    I wonder if you could comment on gold and silver, I have noticed that for the last circa two years there has been a marked increase in volume. I was wondering if this could be indicative of a coming large move in prices or maybe it’s for reason I am unaware of? I also note that some commentators say that that popularity of cryptocurrencies has impacted gold but I wonder how this sits with the increased volume.
    It would be interesting to hear your thoughts.
    Many thanks

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