Evil Knievil: The on/off trade

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Evil Knievil: The on/off trade

Fevertree (LON:FEVR) report this morning showing a decline in earnings. This is tough on a growth stock but readily explained by Covid killing the On Trade. Unfortunately, it is impossible for me to estimate how things are going now. Certainly, were I a holder, I would chuck the stock at £21. But as to being short right now I am a great deal less certain.

The editor asked me some weeks ago as to what I think is going on at Amigo (LON:AMGO) where Mr Benamor proposes its salvation through his being installed as CEO. The board does not share his view even though he holds the whip hand as regards ready personal cash and a large holding. I just don’t get it. All my instincts are that AMGO is a wipe out on the way. But others who are better informed than I are holding on.

Finally, I am sorry to say that the prep school that I attended sixty plus years ago has decided to change the name of a boarding house from Gunga Din to Dragon House. It has been claimed that Gunga is a term of racial abuse but nobody to whom I have spoken has ever heard Gunga used as a term of racial abuse. Readers are invited to read Kipling’s poem entitled Gunga Din. Really a lot of modern teachers are totally mad. I hope that common sense prevails and that no change of name occurs.

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