Evil Knievil: The distillation of truth

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Evil Knievil: The distillation of truth

The distillation of a reasonable assessment of prospects at Distil (LON:DIS) is very hard. But, at 2.5p DIS is capitalised at around £12m. The surplus of over tangible net assets is very high but the brands of spirits being developed by Don Goulding, formerly a bigwig at Diageo, seem to be coming through commercially. It is too early to cheer but the chances seem to me to be getting more and more odds on to succeed. I bought a further 400,000 DIS this morning. This may have been a premature move, but I doubt it.

It was the late Bob Catto who cheered DIS along, then known as Blavod. I am sure he is looking down on this financing exercise of his and hoping for the best.

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