Evil Knievil: Stay longa for wonga

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Evil Knievil: Stay longa for wonga

I have been asked for an update on Caribbean (LON:CIHL) since it is now past 50p and stands at 55.5p. Obviously this stock is dearer than it was. But there is still the possibility of a second dividend this year and, possibly, EPS are 10p p.a. with tangible net asset value up towards 100p.

I remind readers that Lord Ashcroft put in £13m cash at 38p a share a couple of months ago. He did not do this to make a trivial or insignificant gain. So although I doubt CIHL is going to zoom for a few weeks I could not possibly sell and shall not.


Gold is starting to develop a frenzy. But we are not there yet. Thus although there may be profit-taking I am not selling. Every now and then one gets a real ride and it looks to me as if we are going to get one here.

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  • David Rawcliffe says:

    Many thanks for the update on Caribbean.
    I have followed your advice profitably many times notably the short in provident.
    If your still with Caribbean that’s good enough for me.

  • Philip Pickett says:

    #metoo, thanks for the update also for the tip in the first place, excellent advice all the better for being a little off the track

  • Steve Gettings says:

    Good afternoon Evil K.
    By way of an update, if possible, are you able to provide any thoughts on the situation with Capita? eg. would you say that the slow share price decline is nothing to fear, but awaits news on part sale reducing debt?

    thanks very much

  • jim fleury says:

    Re gold I consider Mr Melon to be the genius in this arena and have followed him

    happily for a number of years.It has reached the MAGIC $2000 Plus!!

    when should one sell??

    • Amanda Taylor says:

      Hi Jim,

      We’re running a follow up Q&A session with Jim next month so we’ll add this to the list of questions 🙂

      Have a great weekend,


  • Richard Tansley says:

    Evil I’m surprised Golden Prospect hasn’t
    risen more since you last tipped it , considering where Gold is now.
    Appreciate your thoughts on where
    both are heading in the next 12mths.

  • philip baker says:

    Would love your thoughts on REA preference now at 57 p . Palm oil prices back to $690 though the pound has strengthened against the dollar. Yield could be 15% at this price. Plus 3 passed dividends owed so another 13.5p. A potential one year yield of 38.5%.
    The management have passed 3 dividends and now have the taste for not paying the preference dividend. They could keep not paying for years.
    I have seen some very dodgy dealings around preference shares in the late 90s and early 00s and worry these could be devalued in some way. You need a long memory for the names.

  • Peter Berg says:

    N Brown is down about 17% since you tipped it. Any thoughts on that?

  • David says:

    Evil – Gold Prospect seems to be bit of a laggard during this recent gold surge. In fact it has fallen in price. Any thoughts?

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