Evil Knievil: Services rendered

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Evil Knievil: Services rendered
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On Saturday afternoon Betfair experienced a denial of service attack (the purpose is to blackmail Betfair). It froze the site for two hours leading up to the FA Cup.

Those who arrange this result are criminals and civilly liable. I would have thought that they can be traced back to eastern Europe. But nothing happens. One would have thought that nowadays it would be a simple enough operation. Indeed HMG has an interest in this – they must have the tech skills required.


Mr Vernon Hill has “kindly”, indeed determinedly, offered to stay on at Metro (LON:MTRO). But it is he who has visited upon Metro a £20m bill rendered by his wife Shirley. Given that this sort of conduct is quite outrageous, shareholders should give Vernon and Shirley the rush.

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  • Jeff says:

    Service at Metro bank is also desperately poor. I visited a branch recently as they had failed to replace my ATM card & had a significant wait. Of 8 staff in the front of the branch, only 2 were assisting customers. If the USP is supposed to be branch opening hours, it is best not to ruin it with poor service.
    Meanwhile, the importance of branches declines, as whether we like it or not (I do not), contactless payment is taking over from cash & all non-cash items can be done on line.

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