Evil Knievil: More material for Trollope

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Evil Knievil: More material for Trollope
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I have followed the recent extraordinary goings on at Christchurch College Oxford since I was brought up in Oxford and my father attended there from 1946 to 1949 and my brother attended from 1966 to 1970.

The dean, a Mr Martin Percy, has a disagreement with the governing body. He has run up a defence bill of £400,000 whilst the governors have run up £2,000,000. It is simply not rational to allow £2.4m to be spent on nothing at all. As a society we’ll have to bring legal fees under control and stop turning to lawyers if we are tempted to think that thereby lies a settlement.

In the meantime and as a minor distraction, £10m worth of paintings were nicked from Christchurch over the weekend. Anyone who gives money to Christchurch needs certifying.


Flutter Entertainment (LON:FLTR), formerly Betfair, this morning warns that Covid-19 will damage earnings through cancellation of sporting events. This rather overlooks FLTR’s general conduct which is ill-mannered and insane.


Finally, it may prove to be the case that the Premiership will be settled by using chances determined by experts. Saves going to a match, I suppose.

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