Evil Knievil: Macron is deffo in the silly league

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Evil Knievil: Macron is deffo in the silly league
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At the risk of being thought a prize bore I remember doubting whether the Tesco fraud trial would ever succeed – this would have been about three years ago. My reasoning is that it is very difficult to assemble a vast file of evidence which the jury understands and which clearly shows what the accused did and and what their intention was.

In the event, two of the accused were yesterday acquitted and the judge, Sir John Royce, said the SFO prosecution case was so weak it was not fit to be considered by a jury. (The third accused will through illness probably be unable to face trial.)

I think one can go a stage further: the SFO is not motivated to impose justice. It is minded to seek politically-based revenge. It can’t be an accident that the SFO keeps getting it wrong.


Smart design: when Paris was rebuilt in the mid-nineteenth century the boulevards were made dead straight. This enabled cannon operators to deal with the mob. Getting on for two hundred years later the French capacity to revolt violently is unchanged. Mind you, one can hardly be surprised by today’s mob electing to revolt – Macron is deffo in the silly league.

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  • Raymond K Both says:


    We met at this years CLP AGM. Have you read the RNS that there is a General Meeting later this month? You have missed something that is very important. Don’t think you will be able to see what I have seen as a trained Accountant could not even see it, it is worth investigating this rather than commentating on the French when you are supposed to be an investor in Clear Leisure. Maybe one day you will open your eyes and ears and then realise that I have information on CLP.

  • S Douglas-Bhanot says:

    Would be very interesting to hear your current view on Metal Exploration…is it going bust?

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