Evil Knievil: I speak for a lady

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Evil Knievil: I speak for a lady

Accrol (LON:ACRL) was floated perhaps two years ago. After a few months, when the price had got to around 150p astonishing losses fell to be disclosed – so much so that this toilet paper roller looked to be out for the count. But ACRL has its fans and it was all a question of its affairs bottoming out.

I am assured that this has happened since last Tuesday c. £10 million cash was raised through the issue of c. 65 million new shares, leaving the total in issue at 195 million. The significance of this new issue is that the debts are now under control and there is a proper management team in place with a plan that will work.

There is a big demand for budget price toilet paper and, really, it cannot evaporate.

I paid 27.5p, the highest price paid by anybody this week, and I am assured that my proper target price is at least 50p.


Stormy Daniels has been granted the freedom of West Hollywood. I’d have thought she would have been free to go wherever she wants. She is a terrific lady.

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