Evil Knievil: I must take my chances

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Evil Knievil: I must take my chances

I keep on buying Amigo (AMGO) since the price is artificially depressed through fear of events in the High Court on 30th March 2021. Well, there is adverse risk. But my bet is that I must take my chances. In addition to which bulletin boards have very recently included a spurious straw poll as to how creditors will eventually vote. Keep feeding at under 20p.

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  • Brian says:

    It’s trying to make money on the debt ridden misery of the less well off . Woodford fell off a well deserved cliff doing just the same. I’ll give it a miss thanks.

  • Bob Mackintosh says:

    Thanks for your advices Simon, as always. I hope that you are keeping well.

    Will you have any Cheltenham tips? I suspect that will depend on the last-minute info. feed from your contacts. But any info. would be very gratefully received – and preferably before the race!

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