Evil Knievil: How to play it

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Evil Knievil: How to play it
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I was minded to do nothing until Michael Heseltine came on shortly after 9.00 a.m. describing what was going on as catastrophic. I then immediately knew that I just had to go long of FTSE and £ versus USD.

At the heart of it is the CBI bloc who come up with woe on the way when what these self-serving chaps all want to do is to reassure, as they see it, that they have protected jobs etc. in the event of a no deal Brexit.

To me, a no deal Brexit might be a bit uncertain but it could be hugely bullish. I am just going for mildly bullish. That will do for me for now.

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  • Laughton says:

    I agree that a no-deal could be hugely bullish – even if it might take a while.

    The problem is, if Mrs May wins the vote this evening where does that leave us? Presumably she will take that as confirmation that the majority of her party are happy with her “plan” and so she will continue along the same path. The EU will see her victory as a continuation of the staus quo – so why should they back down at all?

    And so we carry on in no-mans land.

  • philip baker says:

    Why do we not stop paying money to the EU now. As the funds build that we owe the soviet socialist republic of the EU, the greedy self serving EU scum will return to the UK trough to feed.

  • jon says:

    Yes I was thinking that earlier – it only endorses the plan.

    And the DUP have decided they simply don’t like Maybot. Which leaves a minority govt.

  • Mark Lyndon says:

    Happy Christmas and a mildly bullish new year.

  • Brian Clifford says:

    There is no deal on earth that will be passed by this parliament. Too many different factions.
    The choice, therefore is NO DEAL or REMAIN.
    Maybe a referendum on the two. ?

  • Laughton says:

    I think we already had that vote.

    As far as I remember the question on the ballot paper wasn’t Remain or come back and ask us again if you don’t feel you’ve been much good at negotiating.

  • Howard Lewis says:

    Any further vote can only be the May deal or no deal. Remain has already been voted out. Don’t you remember?

  • Brian Clifford says:

    Any further vote – if there is one – will be on whatever Parliament decides it will be on.

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