Evil Knievil: God help us

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Evil Knievil: God help us
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Newspapers arrive at our block’s front door at 5.30 a.m. Unfortunately, I have still not got back the use of my legs such that I can be confident that I will not fall over. I therefore await my neighbour’s carer who kindly scoops up the necessary at 7.30 a.m. and brings it to our front door. This means that I go channel-hopping. And this morning I got ITV’s Judge Rinder. I strongly recommend this programme.


I am depressed by Sir Kim Darroch packing it in in Washington. The acid test here is could he have continued with HMG’s business. Because of Trump’s being infantile, he could not. Darroch’s behaviour is therefore entirely beyond reproach. However, Johnson behaved in an utterly deplorable manner and we are clearly going to get a lot more trouble from him.

Johnson presumably thinks he is frightfully clever whereas he is simply a treacherous oaf. God help us.


Hammond has still not announced that the complexity attaching to the increase of the marginal rate of income taxation to 45% has failed and will be corrected. This proves that he is pig-headed.

As noted here before, 40% as a marginal rate raises tax. Any more does not. It is true that Osborne introduced this garbage as a method of blocking Corbyn. The result has been a spectacular mess. Of course, doctors are not the only sufferers. The suffering extends to all the potential patients.

I remember the seventies when the Labour government was surprised to learn that 98% taxation rates did not raise tax. Hammond is too young to recall this inescapable fact of life.


Something is going on at Location Sciences (LON:LSAI). For the price keeps creeping up and is no longer engaged on an accidental random walk. Time to fill your boots at 4p.


Finally, and unsurprisingly, Boeing (NYSE:BA) are not selling their 737 Max planes right now. This is causing Boeing to haemorrhage. It is not clear to what extent these losses are insured. So it is not clear that Boeing is a short. But it might well be.

Comments (5)

  • Mark Lyndon says:

    Johnson, “treacherous” to whom?

  • Peter G Jones says:

    Not a fan of Boris then, Simon? It’s a close call between him & Hunt but, despite the risks, I’ll vote for Boris. He has more +ve energy, drive & vision than Hunt, who is sadly Teresa in trousers & doesn’t inspire any confidence that he’ll get Brexit done. With Boris as PM I think MPs though will thwart a quick exit & in that scenario we’re heading for a General Election & to stop splitting the right wing vote the Tories will have to form a pact with the Brexit Party.
    May must be the worst PM ever – we’ve had 3 years of grinding indecision, delay and increased conflict in the country & she’s nearly succeded in destroying the Conservative Party. Notwithstanding the tough job she took on she has been abysmal.
    It will be a fascinating three/four months.
    Hope you are feeling better and best wishes.
    Pete Jones

  • Joe says:

    When Simon is slagging a Tory then he really must be a sh**house. Glad you home and about old boy.

  • ROGER B. says:

    You are right about LSAI. Thanks

  • John Atkinson says:

    Location Sciences (LON:LSAI) has 343,000,000 shares in issue. CEO Mark Slade has 1.81% plus 15,555,555 options, no other director has more than 0.37%. I’d like to see the directors buying a few more before I even fill my socks.

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