Evil Knievil: Failure is the essence of success

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Evil Knievil: Failure is the essence of success
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It’s marvellous listening to the BBC’s whimpering ninnies, Remainers the lot of them.

They seem to think that a “no deal” result will be absolutely terrible. What they should accept is that they have never handled negotiations. After all, Barnier’s stance is not an act of war but he cannot be so stupid that he fails to bear in mind that Britain will not take kindly to a king-sized muddle caused by Barnier.


Aramco’s float is seemingly deferred. This should thrill Labour’s front bench to whom failure is the essence of success.


Meanwhile the head pair of loons, Corbyn and McDonnell, are strangely quiet about what has been going wrong with socialism in Venezuela. It is almost impossible to do to that country what their pal Maduro has done. Well, socialism is really good at achieving the impossible.


Mulberry (LON:MUL) has collapsed. It should have done so seven years ago. No power on earth could persuade me to buy at the current price of around 425p.


Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) has broken down – still no hint of a cash privatisation offer. Just let the S&P retire by ten per cent and there will be little or nothing of TSLA left.


Finally, it is time to bet really large on Sea of Class (3.35 York this afternoon). One can get 6/4 and better when this filly should be odds on.

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