Evil Knievil: Death of Tesla on the way

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Evil Knievil: Death of Tesla on the way

It was pointed out to me over the weekend that VW is attacking Tesla on a massive professional scale. VW will kill off Tesla and renders Tesla yet again the greatest short of all time.


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  • Peter Lewis says:

    Exciting! With you all the way, Simon.
    And when Tesla implodes, I hope it will bring the Faangs down to a more sensible level.

  • James Hipwell says:

    Tesla’s in a melt-up. It has quite a way to go before the inevitable bust. I just hope you don’t get stretchered off before that happens, Simon.

  • Chris B says:

    I too find Tesla’s valuation to be ridiculous in the extreme BUT he said it was the biggest short of all time when the price was around 300p and anyone putting that belief into practice would have been seriously squeezed. It has to come down at some point but it could still be painful in the meantime if shorting.

  • Rob says:

    Looking forward to all the updates.

  • erik says:

    Not so sure that VW will kill Tesla.
    Btw I never invested in Tesla, but I think that Tesla will still thrive

  • Nigel James says:

    You wish…

  • Blacksmith says:

    Forecasts of Tesla’s demise are as common and thus far as wrong as the anticipated demise of the Euro (I anticipate both before I pass). Tesla has survived and reached the milestone of profitability (4 quarters, if you believe the published figures) and are starting to build up some momentum. Quality and service are dire, but so is the competition. Up to now.
    Serious competition from the likes of VW is possibly a game-changer. An organisation that has massive geographic spread and renowned quality is more certain to have an impact than the likes of Porsche (too up-market) or Kia (no cachet). There is one great thing that Tesla has; excitement, the ‘first-mover’ advantage/image and a CEO that is more bonkers than a box of frogs. VW cannot compete with this using a vehicle with a ‘VW’ badge (look what happened to the Phaeton), although there is no reason that the technology can be proven that way. They (imo) need to ‘do a Lexus’.

  • Eric says:

    what price was Tesla stock last time you predicted their demise ?

  • John Cass says:

    My friend! You could be right about Tesla but Musk is a very tricky player with predecessors in your position leaving enough shirts to stretch half way round the globe. Best of British!

  • John Stigl says:

    Wow that’s incredibly insightful analysis

  • Roy New says:

    What is the best way to short Tessla?
    Always a pleasure to read your thoughts,

  • Derek Irwin says:

    Yes. Just a larger Delorean, if I remember how to spell it.

  • Andrew Dawber says:

    Always remember the old adage – markets can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.

  • NAP says:

    I dread to think of the amount of money lost shorting Tesla. Shorting is generally a nerve-racking game but to short a stock as unpredictable as Tesla truly requires balls of steel. I certainly won’t be partaking in such shenanigans.

  • Michael Paterson says:

    Was amazon a short in 2000
    Looked like it but it wasn’t
    Are great paintings over priced
    And remember the shorts have to buy back sometime so there is always a natural buyer around
    I hope Tesla is a success
    Remember how VW doctored the pollution figures

  • philip says:

    I don’t profess to be a trading expert but I’m surprised Simon would short something that is clearly in an uptrend. Trying to pick a top seems incredibly risky/foolhardy but I suppose it depends on how deep his pockets are.

  • brian keely says:

    Eventually you may be right but you’d be bust

  • John says:

    This email went into junk folder snd easy to see why! Just 2 lines to assert VW will destroy Tesla! I don’t disagree with the view, however, a bit more insight into why VW will achieve this should be given. Mere professionalism (whatever that means for a company that acted in the most unprofessional way over diesel) will not be enough to destroy Musk’s ambitions.

  • Carl Bennett says:

    Tesla do not exclusive rights to car manufacturer, competition will redeem them as ugly cars.

  • Roger Harrison says:

    Evil is invariably correct even if his timing is sometimes off a little. Pantheon, Watchstone, Reach/Mirror Group, William Hill => 36p but recovered even the Derby I laid Kameko at 5 to 1 only to see it go to 3 to 1 but that was fine. Cpi yet to come good but I am sure it will. Tesla amazingly up again today but has to be a case of Icarus or was it Dicarus but odds are far better than even he will prevail by common sense!

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