Evil Knievil: Come back Nigel

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Evil Knievil: Come back Nigel
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I thought the World Cup hugely absorbing. The intriguing name was that of Mbappe who sounds as if he is descended on the male side from men who stuck their heads in bread rolls. Kyllian Mbappe himself is now the pin up boy for France. He is quite handsome too.

However, I was advised early on in the general contest by my chums, Seth Freedman and Andrew Woolfson (they are brothers-in-law and run Be The House Limited, an online gambling software development concern), that Sporting Index had made a giant error in mispricing their Shocking Decision, Ref! market.

This was based on the number of times during the Cup as a whole the VAR would be found to have made an error on enquiry by an independent assessment concern. The quote was 22 and I sold it at £2,500 a point. This was a general trousering of £35,000.


Red hot tips: I would buy Marks & Spencer (LON:MKS) for a bid and also buy William Hill (LON:WMH) ditto. It is sometimes assumed that WMH will hit massive local resistance when WMH expands into the US. Well, they will. But they will overcome it, and this makes WMH a stonking buy.


Finally, Mrs May is clearly set on Remaining. This means that the 18 million of us who got taken in by her and her motley crew of traitors will have to start off all over again. Come back Nigel.

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