Evil Knievil: Birthday lunch

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Evil Knievil: Birthday lunch

Last week I hosted my birthday lunch (at Le Colombier in Dovehouse Street SW10 selected for the best ever chips). One of my guests was Gina Miller, England’s most widely known litigant. She is remarkably lively.

And, at the weekend, we had Newmarket with Pinatubo providing a truly breathtaking display. The 2020 2000 Guineas looks to be his for the asking. We’ll see about the rest. It was enjoyable to watch Sheikh Mo’s pleasure in his colt’s victory.


Meanwhile, events in the Middle East deteriorate yet again. Markets do not seem to mind whereas I think they should.


As readers already know I dismiss purchases by NED’s for less than £100,000 as mere refunds of excess fees. But the founding Robinow family have dived into REA (RE.) as to c. 2m shares at 145p. They know what they are doing and I therefore think it is reasonable to expect the share price to go markedly high.

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  • William Butler says:

    mmm, I have no axe to grind on the direction of REA, but the purchase of shares was not on the open market, but was a placing at 145p used to raise money for one of their subsidiaries. Much less interesting.

    I also have no axe to grind on the prospects for palm oil, but I know that my children look at the ingredients of all the food that they eat and if it says palm oil, it goes back on the shelf!

  • Graham Fraser says:

    We do the same, in fact when we see palm oil, we think of Orang- utangs.

  • Peter Berg says:

    I do the same with Gina Miller

  • Terence T Restorick says:

    I live in Bali Indonesia. The orangutan and destruction of their habitat, the rain forest is a big issue. Not so much for the president who seems to promote palm oil. I expect consumers and orangutans to win eventually.

  • philip baker says:

    Happy Birthday Simon
    Maybe REA should open an Orangutan sanctuary as part of a PR environment campaign.
    I try and make sure all my products use palm oil as i hope the dividends restart on the REA preference shares.
    Do you think the preference dividend will be paid come December or will that be passed? If it is passed then the equity will take a hit as will the preference shares.
    50p on the ordinaries and 40p on the preference.
    I have far to many preference shares and they make up a big chunk of my pension income.
    I have my fingers crossed.

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