Evil Knievil: Aviation taxation is on its way

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Evil Knievil: Aviation taxation is on its way
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I wanted to check the facts of this matter prior to commenting since, so often, headlines are gainsaid by unpublished detail. However, I have not received any newspapers this morning. That noted, the element of today’s online Times shown below presumably tells the truth.

“Novlett Robyn Williams, 54, an award-winning Metropolitan Police officer with a “stunning career”, was sentenced to 200 hours of community service yesterday and put on the sex offenders register after she was found guilty of possessing an indecent image of a child.”

The “indecent” image was sent to her mobile by her sister. Why would Ms Williams delete it without looking at it? Surely, she would look at it – even if only out of curiosity, an essential feature of the effective individual. For this, Ms Williams gets 200 hours unpaid work by way of community service and, far worse, the end of her career with the Metropolitan Police after 36 years of meritorious service.

Have we all gone completely mad? The judge would no doubt claim that he had to apply the law. But if the law achieves this result can it possibly be wise to bring the prosecution?

I long ago came to realise that a considerable proportion of lawyers are born stupid and go on being stupid throughout their lives. This looks very like another example.


Corbyn is doing a tremendous job destroying himself. Surely there are other interviewers who can put sensible questions to this idiot.


The airline industry has seen the carbon burn per passenger halved in the last thirty years. This has led to much lower air fares and therefore more travel.

The answer is to put up the cost of aviation fuel by, say, 300% for a start. The first objection will come from the airline industry itself and it is that such a tax raise will not be matched by other countries. I think it will: just imagine if landing rights were denied throughout Europe to those countries that did not apply this tax. The times they are a-changing.


Checkit (LON:CKT) is now quoted ex the distribution of 65p cash per share tendered. This has caused the price to decline from 55p to 40p. This is too far and renders CKT a raving buy.


There is still no sign of a blockbuster criticism of Watchstone (LON:WTG). Therefore, it is time to buy. WTG is still on offer at 152p.

Comments (3)

  • Mark Lyndon says:

    Quite right Cawkers, aviation is far too good for the likes of any Tom, Dick or Harry, unless, of course a Prince.

  • Tim Mitchell says:

    Re Ms Williams, see “What public interest was there in prosecuting Supt Robyn Williams for possessing a video she never wanted?” on the Barrister Blogger site http://barristerblogger.com/

  • John Atkinson says:

    Regarding judicial stupidity, as a busted Lloyd’s ‘Name’ I can cite a prime example. In the 2000 Jaffray trial, where a group of Names sued Lloyd’s of London for fraud, the judge, Sir Peter Cresswell, rejected the notion that there had been concealment of the asbestos problem, where a rising number of claims threatened the viability of the market. However, between the mid 702 to the late 80s 25,000 new Names were signed up and duly impoverished. Common sense tells me that a majority of those would have sought advice of some kind; if they had learned of the asbestos losses, would they really have willingly committed financial suicide? Personally, before joining I telephoned the Daily Mail City Office where I spoke to Ken Allen who specialised in writing about Lloyd’s. He knew nothing adverse and in 1988 signed up and began underwriting on 3 syndicates. I assume just to get his foot in the door; even so, he wrote nothing about asbestos which would have been the scoop of his career. Yet Cresswell J managed to find a way to contradict common sense and let Lloyd’s get away with something akin to a Ponzi scheme.

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