Evil Knievil: All to play for

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Evil Knievil: All to play for
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Gold is going up in USD terms but, little noticed, it is in fact into new high ground in sterling terms. And when a market price goes into new high ground it very rarely stops.

I bought Golden Prospect Minerals (LON:GPM) at 30.4p since TNAV (tangible net asset value) is 40p and rising. And this morning I ploughed into my old favourite and nemesis Orosur (LON:OMI) in the belief that Uruguay is being tidied up and Colombia offers all to play for. I paid c. 3.5p.

I see some boffins have devised a means of deferring the menopause for twenty years so that the “lucky” ladies can go on with their careers. I trust the women in question will ponder carefully about this advantage since it is the fact of having a baby that changes parents for the better.

I now see that HMG is getting with it by reviewing marginal rates of taxation for successful doctors in the context of pension pot contributions. Well, I never: a government minister is actually sobering up.

As it happens, a pal has lately retired from the NHS. He was asked yet again to demonstrate to regulators how to wash his hands. Somehow the thrill passed him by.

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