Evil Knievil: A very lucky boy indeed

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Evil Knievil: A very lucky boy indeed
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Agronomics (LON:ANIC) is the chairman’s response to Beyond Meat. ANIC has just raised £4m+ at 5p. I would be astonished if the price were to stay at the current 7.75p offer.

One has to understand that this vegan/vegetarianism lark is here to stay and the company that provides the right substitute is going to make a great deal of money.

Incidentally, I tried an M&S meat substitute burger last night. It tasted very dry. So there is a prize for the company (ANIC?) that gets it right.

Finally, I was declared completely clear of cancer two days ago. I am a very lucky boy indeed.

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  • Clive Aitken says:

    Congratulations with the health clearance, live long and prosper!

  • Surinder DB says:


    I’m very happy for you…may it stay that way for a long, long time!!

    Veganism is a pretty dangerous lark as larks go in lifestyle experiments!
    Particularly vulnerable are young women heading towards motherhood.

    Vegetarianism has been tried on a large scale experiment in countries such as India and worked out OK for most parts because of the metabolic ability to adapt when carb intake is at subsistence level.

    However, with improving economic fortunes (growing middles class) the intake of carbs (particularly refined carbs) gets ratcheted up…then along come all the metabolic disorders (diabetes,heart disease etc ) which are currently spreading like wildfire in India and even China.

    Keep it simple, work with our multi-million year digestive system by consuming fresh whole foods from all categories that covers a wide spectrum of nutrients..

    Also, worth trying out some of the anti-aging treatments that are currently available as described by the chairman in his talks and articles etc..
    Personally, I take Tru-Niagen and TA65 from http://www.rejuviplus.com and whilst keeping an eye out for more effective ones coming over the horizon sooon!

    Good luck and all the best,

    Surinder DB

    All the best

  • Angus says:

    I’m sure everyone who follows you wishes you the heartiest of congratulations Simon. Final score

    Simon 1 – Cancer 0

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