Evil Knievil: A helpful trousering

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Evil Knievil: A helpful trousering

The credit goes to my chum Shane Clarke: I won £220,000 on the Melbourne Cup. I had to lay out £50,000 on five horses to have a fifty per cent chance of drawing on the race. My good fortune was that the horse which I had backed to win the most, Twilight Payment, duly obliged.

It was a little too much on the firm side for Sir Dragonet. But, be it noted, he still ran very well to finish sixth. 

Elsewhere, I had £20,000 on Tiger Moth at 5/1 where I had originally heard a rumour that he might not even run. He was a half length second.

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  • David McWilliams says:

    Cheers Simon, I had a tenner each way.
    Keep them coming..

  • Chris Green says:

    Simon – congratulations, that is a fantastic result. You gave us the lead, but only the brave followed you. I’m afraid I wasn’t one of the brave ones. ………. Keep up your great supply of tips and pointers on shares. Thanks.

  • David Anderson says:

    Delighted with the tip. I had a good bet at 27/1.
    Many thanks.

  • Matt S says:

    Thanks for the tip, I bet on Twilight Payment at 27 to 1 to win down here in NZ. It was very amusing hearing all the pre-race commentary on the Australian and New Zealand tv channels, none of whom mentioned the horse. One up for us poms!

  • Matthew says:

    Hats off to you Simon. The patrons at a local pub here in sunny Queensland were grateful your tip came in. The Ale was flowing freely thanks to the win.

  • Michael says:

    Thank you for that tip. I bet £20 on Twilight Payment to win. The following day I half heartedly logged in to an old gambling website I rarely use expecting to see a zero balance and did a double take with over £500 sitting there. My Aussie relatives found it especially amusing that I had won on the Melbourne Cup!

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