Evil Diaries: There is a Bid in the Post

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Evil Diaries: There is a Bid in the Post

My brother Tim, aged 74, died in his sleep a week ago seemingly of an aneurism. He had been in London on the Monday seeing some of his grandchildren and returned home to Norwich complaining of a pain in his back. He retired to bed and never woke up.

He had been Norwich Cathedral’s seneschal for many years before retiring.


International Distribution Services (IDS and formerly RMG) is capitalised at 212p at about £2bn. Even after stripping out intangibles, tnav is £3.529 bn. It is of course losing £1m a day.

The Communication Union’s workers have lost it in that six days a week of deliveries, imposed by statute, is just a waste of time. After all, nobody relies upon the post these days and nobody uses cheques.

Meanwhile another type of Czech, Daniel Kretinsky, has got c. 25%. Surely, this means a sharp upwards movement is bound to happen either because Mr Kretinsky has correctly judged the effect of changes that must occur or because he might bid. If the latter the price is bound to be 300p+.


I did not get Tom Hayes’s permission but I have bet that the yen will strengthen against the USD.

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  • Richard Larner says:

    I always enjoy reading your diaries but as someone who lives in Norwich and knew Tim was truly rocked to learn of his passing when I logged on. He was a thoroughly good man and taken far too soon. My sincere condolences to you and your family.

  • James says:

    I am sorry to hear about your brother. My condolances to yourself and family.

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