Evil Diaries: The Nation In Practice

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Evil Diaries:  The Nation In Practice

My eldest grandson, 14 years old, has recently become a paperboy. He was a little surprised to be criticised for failing to push the newspaper adequately through a customer’s letter box. Further, this same customer who parked two cars in the narrow approach section to the letter box complained that my grandson’s bicycle had scratched one of the cars. My grandson who denied ever having gone anywhere near doing anything of the sort now knows that there are some people who are dedicated to fraud.

When I went over his economic plans I asked him what he was doing about income tax. He was surprised to learn that any such toll could apply to him. I said that I would do his tax return for him (for a small fee) and of course allow for the cost of maintaining the bicycle amongst other expenses.


The next runner publishes on YouTube Anonymous Art by Me. He is up to well over a hundred followers and is not now far from being paid influencer fees by Google. Attaboy.


Meanwhile my elder daughter took the youngest, now 7, down the Uxbridge Road the other day (God alone knows why) and he saw a cavalcade of police cars advance down the road towards him. He then saw King Charles wave to him and he waved back. He is now a royalist for life. I forebore to mention that the King was probably waving at everybody.

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