Evil Diaries: Shameful behaviour

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Evil Diaries: Shameful behaviour

I met Peter, now Lord, Lilley twenty-one or so years ago over lunch. He struck me as a very reasonable and intelligent fellow. He had a big political career in social security and served there for many years.

However, before all that, he was a stockbroker specialising in oil and gas shares and I therefore alighted upon his piece in yesterday’s SunTel in which he highlighted the stupidity and unreasonableness of the anti-fracking brigade who have absurdly exaggerated the risk of earthquakes/tremors induced by fracking – even though there is virtually no evidence of any adverse effects.. They do this because, at heart, they do not want any fossil fuels lifted from beneath us.

Instead they prefer that we import gas and face higher costs and less reliable supply just so that they can indulge their obsession. Starmer wants to ban fracking since he reckons there is a vote in this policy even though he must know that this policy is mad. Regrettably Sunak has followed suit since he smells the same voter recruitment opportunity.

As a result Sunak has reversed the fracking encouragement of La Truss expressed on 22nd September with a total ban on 26th October.

Surely, Sunak and Starmer can sort this out. Their current behaviour is shameful.

Anyway, I bought Igas (IGAS) last Friday at 28.5p since I reckon that the underlying (i.e. non-fracking) business of IGAS is worth comfortably more than 30p. It could be (I simply do not know) worth as much as 60p and more.


The Melbourne Cup (run this year at 4.00 a.m. London time on Tuesday 1st November) has been a very lucky race for me. I think that over the last fifteen years I must have made £500,000 on this race. So, chancing my arm, I offer readers Without A Fight at 10/1 as a result of advice received from an enthusiastic Ozzie who trades as Mr Bet.


Finally, Tom Hayes has now been cleared in entirety in the USA. Only the British Court of Appeal stands between him and total innocence. Could not their lordships accelerate matters?

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