Evil Diaries: Palm oil boost

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Evil Diaries: Palm oil boost

The palm oil price keeps surging ahead – last seen at $1,930. Further, the coal price has firmed up as well. The effect upon REA (RE.)‘s price, 165p, is massive. That said the price of RE. is still well below my target price of 200p+ for 2022. I think this is an obvious buying moment prior to an announcement from RE. that all the arrears of dividend will be paid in 2022 on the preference shares (now 110p).

The Robinows are cautious fellows and will not jump to conclusions. However, eventually they will jump.


As inflation gathers pace in the sterling zone punters will turn to rare books as both a form of saving and a pleasure to own. This must mean that Scholium (SCHO) will benefit. They have already announced a move to profitability which will lead to the payment of a dividend.

However, most interestingly, the appointment of Bernard Shapero as CEO is a very positive move. He knows what he is talking about. Just why he remained off the board for so long I do not know. Anyway, that defect in SCHO’s appearance has now been rectified. Now 40p to buy. It is a thin market for smaller investors.

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  • John Cass says:

    Surely that total clown Farage is not part of your team as I seem to recognise his ugly mug on here.

  • Cliff Morris says:

    Farage! I have been receiving e-mails from him almost daily telling that I should take control of my own money and future. He has teamed up with a bunch of salesmen and an expert in finance who will advise what to invest in, that is of course, for a price. Does his greed know no bounds?

  • S Douglas-Bhanot says:

    Hello Simon,

    Have your views on AMIGO changed much since your last update?

    Look forward to any update.

    Kind regards

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