Evil Diaries: Lunatics Assemble

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Evil Diaries: Lunatics Assemble

Some chump has got 18 years for insurrection at the Capitol. At the time Trump declared the lunatics thus gathered as “good people”. They believed him. There are yet others to be dealt with.

The BBC described them as “far right”. This is mainly because the journos working for the BBC know virtually nothing of the meaning of language: they can’t spell, they can’t get facts straight – they are merely driven to serve their God alone knows what cause. All this is of course paid for by the licence fee revenues.

This is why Suella Braverman’s conduct as Home Secretary in relation to her driving offence became lead story where there cannot possibly have been any such story – even right at the backend of the news. Mercifully, Sunak has cleared Ms Braverman.


Anyway, marketing is all and seemingly Francisco Gardin of Quantum Blockchain (QBT) is hot on the trail in that he has announced that some bright spark has been appointed as marketing manager. The significance is that Francisco would not have made this appointment unless he were sure that there were something to market. I trust Francisco.


Finally, Poppy is going nowhere at DarkTrace (DARK), now 258p. There is still time to sell this promotion short.

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