Evil Diaries: Lies and Microlise

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Evil Diaries: Lies and Microlise

Statistics reviewed: It is commonly thought that people who refuse Covid vaccination are mad. Such a view is sound but it is even sounder than most realise in that given that 90%+ of those in hospital for Covid treatment have not been vaccinated and given that the unvaccinated populace comes to 25% of the total population the chances of ending up in hospital if one is vaccinated are not 1 in 10 but 1 in 40.

I cannot understand why NHS midwives could possibly find this difficult to see from HMG’s point of view. They will have to given the fact that they lose their jobs on 1st April 2022 if they do not.

Greece and Canada ae proceeding to fine the unvaccinated $100 a week as of a few weeks’ time.


The hellhole revisited: apparently, there are circa 20 flights a day out of Brussels which are largely empty where the operators feel obliged so to proceed simply to keep their landing slots. Only the EU could arrange this. Thank God we are out of that putrid mess.


The fuss over Lord Brownlow paying for the refurbishment of the 10 Downing Street flat is quite ridiculous. If the noble lord wishes to blow his dough, let him. There is no evidence that BoJo has been bribed.


Finally, my colleague, Mark Watson-Mitchell, draws attention to Microlise (SAAS) on a stratospheric PE. I think he is right. The outlook is bordering on infinite. Now 205p.

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  • DM says:

    I think the statistical analysis above is faulty. With the data given it’s not possible to work out the absolute risk of being hospitalised. The numbers talk of a 1 in 40 chance of hospitalisation if vaccinated [= 2.5% x 60m (say) population = 1.5m] and if I understood correctly a 1 in 10 chance if unvaccinated [i.e. 10% of the UK population = 6mm] giving a total of 7.5m which I think you’ll agree feels rather large, and in any event isn’t the correct calculation. (UK data shows c. 666k admission from covid so far).
    The problem is that data on absolute numbers of hospitalisations is not given.
    However one can calculate (from the data given) the relative risk of hospitalisation for vaccinated vs unvaccinated as being 27x for the unvaccinated vs. vaccinated if I’ve got my sums correct. (9 times as many in hospital, but from a population of unvaccinated 1/3rd of the size of the vaccinated population).

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