Evil Diaries: JOGging along

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Evil Diaries: JOGging along

I was licking my wounds over Empyrean (EME) when suddenly Family Cawkwell’s 200,000 Jersey Oil and Gas (JOG) came to life and leapt 60p to stand at 230p. All is restored in the equilibrium stakes.

A journo, whom I respect, Simon Thompson of the IC, touches upon a “risked” valuation of the order of 600p. So I am not closing down my exposure and if anything I am fancying doubling my posish.


Warren Buffett declares that the last two years have seen share prices at casino levels. What he means is that the punters who hold or are minded to buy have decided to be silly because they have got away with it for so long. Surely, if in doubt, one should get out of tech stocks.


One I would ditch if I were to hold it is Amazon. A few months ago they rang me and asked me to press a button if I did not wish to be signed up to the Prime service. I declined to put up with this drivel and decided that it was unlawful. But to my surprise I now find that I have been debited this last three years with £79. Now I shall have to get into an argument with Amazon. This is a nuisance.


However, based on Malcolm Graham-Wood’s comments, I bought 500,000 Hurricane (HUR) at 10p. In eighteen months time there’ll be 10p of free cash (free in the sense of not committed to be paid out. I do not know why the stock stands at 9.5p offer.


Meanwhile I am almost at the point of feeling sorry for Harry given that he is well under the influence of his wife. The truth is that one shouldn’t even notice this cankered couple. To do so is bad for one’s good humour.

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  • Chris says:

    I have had the same phone call.
    When I challenged Amazon, they advised me that they don’t do phone calls.
    I’m afraid you may have been scammed.

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