Evil Diaries: Hopping Mad

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Evil Diaries: Hopping Mad

Rockhopper (RKH) is due c. £200m cash right now from the Italian government and, on Thursday, was able to announce that the arbitrators (ICSID) want the Italians to put this money in a bank which is acceptable to Rockhopper as well whilst the expensive and tiresome squabbling continues. Malcolm Graham-Wood thinks the settlement in RKH’s favour may now be early in 2024. Although why the Italians should drift along compelling such a delay is not obvious.


In recent weeks I have had the pleasure of treating the many different representatives of Virgin Group Media to a rising torrent of abuse. I thought I was alone in dwelling on the memory of Beardy Branson, whom I first encountered on his houseboat in Little Venice getting on for forty years ago when I was, albeit briefly, a director of Virgin Atlantic Airways. I decided that he is extraordinarily dishonest.

For VGM want money from me which I do not owe. I therefore find it tiresome that the spirit of Beardy lives on. However, I am not alone since I now see that regulators are looking into VGM’s conduct when chasing alleged debtors. I am very far from alone. I shall miss my opportunities to swear at a VGM employee.

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  • David Lake says:

    I’ve got the same problem with BigBlu in France.
    They sold their Tv end without informing us and didn’t reduce their fees.
    New Tv owner wants more money.
    So I stopped paying as nearly impossible to get them to cancel.
    Require registered letter , satellite dish 10 years old sent to Holland.
    So 2 fingers to them. DD cancelled .

  • TheThinController says:

    Virgin Media is owned by Liberty Media and Telefonica (O2). So it’s not Sir beardy. If one had hopped onto Virgin Galactic and jetted off into space, or the got onto west coast mainline a few years ago then you’d have a point.

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