Evil Diaries: Gambling on cancer diagnosis

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Evil Diaries: Gambling on cancer diagnosis

Last Thursday I was gobbing off at dinner to one of my guests, who has been a hugely successful fund manager, about Angle (AGL). To which he responded that Cizzle Biotechnology (CIZ) capitalised at just £5m was developing a method of early detection of lung cancer, particularly amongst the vast population of China where CIZ seems to have important trading links. CIZ is a spin off from York University.

The full year results came out yesterday and are encouraging in the sense that there is no declaration of failure. However, cash is running out and a placing is surely inevitable. Faites vos jeux.


Tullow (TLW) offers bonds which yield 18% p.a. to redemption. The drawback is that they are only available in clips of $200,000 nominal.


Geoffrey Howe was a successful Chancellor but at heart was an EU fanatic. So much so that when a Mr Steve Thoburn offered fruit at his stall in Sunderland he was eventually imprisoned for offering this fruit by reference to imperial measures which his customers had happily lived with all their lives.

Howe overrode the central point which is that people use the language that suits them. It is quite absurd to order them to do otherwise.

Anyway, looking back, one great advantage of Howe’s silliness was to recruit tens of thousands to the Brexit cause. Very silly old Geoff.

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