Evil Diaries: Covert impropriety

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Evil Diaries: Covert impropriety

The chairman and I were offered a gimme that Rishi would be the next Prime Minister. We got evens.


I see that Richard Griffiths has latched on to Logistics DG (LDG). It is many years since I encountered him, but he is no fool. Keep copying him and buy at 13p.


There are many reforms that I would like – such as fair treatment by the banks on forex dealing. However, today I am having a go at the e-commerce organisations that hide their address such that it is difficult, if not impossible, to serve legal papers upon them.

For instance, in 2015, according to Amazon, I signed up to Amazon Prime, a service which has never been of any interest to me whatsoever. Amazon have dipped into my credit card every year since. I do not know how much they owe me but, at the current £79 p.a., it is circa £550.

Since the mere contemplation of this causes me to lose my temper (leaving aside my fury when dealing with a two-faced call centre in India) my younger daughter took up the chase on my behalf. Nothing has been achieved.

Apparently, one ends up suing an offshore corporation based in the Dutch Antilles or comparable. This is a national disgrace.


A chum has complained to a very senior civil servant about the civil servant’s conduct. A tape recording supports the claim. However, the civil servant has forged an email in support of his/her position. Forgery by such a person at this level is simply not acceptable. I await the outcome of a disciplinary hearing.

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