Evil Diaries: Chocolate Eclairs in SW10

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Evil Diaries: Chocolate Eclairs in SW10

My first tutee on quoted investing arrived last Friday. The session was really interesting and creative. What also strikes me is that this chap knows quite as much about investment as I do.

However, I have set out various different approaches according to the experience, age and investment knowledge of the tutees to come. As a result I am sure that the tutee’s time will be well spent. As last week, my elder daughter Lucy (who runs Osborne Cawkwell) is handling enquiries on 07977 449 230. Those who prefer to deal with the monkey can get me on 020 7835 0868. The fee is £200 a head with a group discount available.

It is also clear to me we offer a USP in the form of chocolate cream eclairs and cloudy lemonade as well as best Arabica. These are irresistible.


During the above session we touched upon the country’s attitude towards the trade unions who are causing general chaos. I may be wrong but I think the unions have misjudged the country’s mood. We’ll see.

This raises an interesting point on Royal Mail Group, whose name has been changed to give the ticker code IDS. As matters stand the postmen and a silly restrictive statutory imposition of Saturday deliveries are clocking up £1m a day of losses. This will have to stop and IDS can then be valued in its new form. The shares are currently 211p and might jump mightily if the way forward makes sense.


Finally, last week I yet again encountered a howler in that the writer declared “I would therefore like to formally acknowledge…” when in fact he does not acknowledge anything of the sort. He merely discloses one of his likes. I expect the writer thinks that he is being courteous or something. But actually he has bungled his intended communication. I’ll live with it and let him off a fine for splitting an infinitive.

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  • T D says:

    First, a Very Happy Christmas to you and your family and a Healthy 2023.
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