Evil Diaries: Can you believe it?

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Evil Diaries: Can you believe it?

It is impossible for the reasonable person to comprehend just how idiotic Coral are. After a further perhaps ten emails last night I received what appears below. For some reason Coral cannot press the payment to me button. This idiocy is proof of the degeneration of common sense and courtesy. I stand by my view that anybody who is informed in advance of Coral’s conduct but who deals with Coral is insane. For instance the Margie who “signs off” this email is described as a Second Line Escalation Executive. Or, in your and my language, a first rate bloody fool.

“Dear Simon,

Thank you for contacting Coral Customer Support earlier today regarding your withdrawal.

I would like to start by sincerely apologising for the inconvenience caused to you.

We understand how important it is for you to process a withdrawal. After raising your concern with our Payments Team, they confirm that your bank details have been registered to your account. Since you account is active, you may request the withdrawal from your end via bank transfer.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

I hope I was able to resolve your query.

I wish you a lovely day ahead Simon. Stay safe.

Blah blah,


Second Line Escalation Executive”

Incidentally I logged in and I cannot withdraw the money due to me since I must provide some verification as to who I am.

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  • Julian says:

    That’s counter party risk for you

  • Steve Dick says:

    Good morning Simon, I am enjoying each episode of your Coral saga immensely; they make my day with a good chuckle, sadly though at your expense, Just mind your heart rate when you next explode at their inadequacies. The idiots have most definitely taken over the asylum at Coral!!

  • Peter Lewis says:

    What a maddening email from ‘Margie’! Presumably they still sent you a Customer Satisfaction Survey afterwards…
    Sadly, this is indicative of the way customer service has gone these days. Companies put up so many barriers to using the phone, it seems they don’t want to speak with their
    customers anymore. A missed opportunity, if you ask me.
    I guess if you want to move money quickly, no questions asked, just call HSBC.
    I wish you a lovey afternoon ahead Simon. Stay safe.
    Blah blah.

  • Peter Morrison says:

    Simon, I see they need verification of your ID. It is a pretty standard requirement – not impose them but as a result of regulation against money laundering. I’ve used Cotal and had no trouble whatsoever making withdrawals – but I did provide all the necessary ID.

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