Evil Diaries: Big Bang Bong

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Evil Diaries: Big Bang Bong

I was introduced to the term Bongo in 1959 when I saw a trailer for Expresso Bongo (starring Laurence Harvey and Cliff Richard). The Bongo in question was a small side drum operated at high speed and in a very lively manner.

The term popped up again through the offices of that coruscatingly arrogant politician the late Alan Clark who had distinguished himself by canoodling with some judge’s wife and, quite separately, each of their two daughters. No restraint there.

It was therefore hardly a surprise when Clark referred to some absurd measure before the House of Commons as symptomatic of Bongo Bongo land.

And this week Bongo has turned up again with a coup in Gabon which has ejected the Bongo family who have been in charge for a startling 56 years.

Well, I never! It’ll be on News At Ten, starting of course with Bongo Bongo Bongo, the chimes of Big Bengo.


What is interesting about this rash of coups occurring right across Africa south of the Sahara is that it might be a sensible response to the governors who get chucked out but for the rest of us it means political turmoil.


Richard Buxton is retiring today and ceasing in a high profile fund management position. He has shown himself a big beast in this world at Schroders and then Jupiter. He highlighted his view that it is regulation that is killing off London as an attractive site in which to float. He blames excess regulation imposed through accountants, actuaries and regulators. We all have to pay for this.


It is unlikely that Grant Shapps succeeding Ben Wallace as Defence Minister is consistent with good sense. I hope to God that we do not get involved in a war somewhere any time soon. You see, it is a case of Bengone Bengone.


Finally, there is a low key trading statement from Totally (TLY) this morning. But holders should not be downcast. Now 9.5p.

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