Evil Diaries: An Electoral Issue

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Evil Diaries: An Electoral Issue

The Andrew Malkinson eventual rape acquittal has been profoundly shocking. Leaving aside HMG’s declaration that HMG have not collected board and lodging costs in such cases this last ten years, the fact remains that they have been collected historically in other cases. Which surely raises the point that others who have been mistreated should be refunded this deduction if they are still alive.

Further, Andrew Malkinson was detained for ten more years after he refused to admit guilt when his original sentence of seven years had been served. HMG’s conduct has been quite bizarre. Andrew Malkinson is now expected to wait two years whilst his compensation claim is determined. HMG must be quite mad.

When one bears in mind the delay by HMG in paying out to the postmasters and postmistresses one wonders why this is not a central election issue.


At a much more humdrum level, my wife and I have always bought £1,000 worth of first class stamps at a time. This has been done just before an increase in the price of stamps. However, I now have to swap these for newly issued stamps issued no doubt to contain fraud (apparently forged stamps have been sold on Amazon and no doubt elsewhere). My wife will enjoy standing in the queue with £500 odd worth to await exchange. This is a nuisance.


Finally, am I alone in reckoning that Putin was sired by a duck-billed platypus? Certainly, the similarity between father and son is undeniable.

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