Evil Diaries: American deadbeats and a puff for a vendor of puffs

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Evil Diaries: American deadbeats and a puff for a vendor of puffs

There is an astonishing article in last weekend’s Spectator by Lionel Shriver, an American author now permanently resident in London, covering Kamala Harris, the US VP and automatic heir to Biden should he snuff it before November 2024. It is palpably clear that a test of her intellect was never applied and she is in fact thick, muddled and lazy. This is shocking.


The really important point to emerge at Tesla (TSLA) over the last few weeks is that it is no longer a religious totem. Therefore – and I know one should not say such things – TSLA is at last a dead cert short. It is simply a question of luck as to whether one enjoys perfect timing when opening it.


Imperial Brands (IMB) reports this morning and its share price prospects are far from going up in smoke – that privilege is TSLA’s. A buy at £20.

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  • Paul says:

    Hi, I respect your honesty.
    I am also shorting tesla.
    But I am as cautious as a Monk on Lindesfarne Island expecting a Viking invasion.
    I am an architect, so know nothing about investments.
    However watching your history with tesla for god sake don’t revenge trade.
    Logic says SHORT but IMO there are the mother of all scams circulating in the world now.
    God bless, and keep sharing your thoughts,
    Thank you.

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