Evil Diaries: Afghan Woes

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Evil Diaries: Afghan Woes

John Simpson is understandably distressed by the immediate prospect of mass deaths through starvation in Afghanistan. But what are America and Britain (on a lesser scale) supposed to do? Vast quantities of treasure have been stolen by senior Afghans and, as a result, whatever chance the allies’ occupation might have had to achieve sensible reforms of the conduct of Afghanistan was vitiated by the Afghans themselves. At the same time the Taliban are determined to destroy the country they now rule. Pouring yet more time and money into this hellhole does not seem very wise.


The voters of Tavistock can decide at the next election what is to be done about Sir Geoffrey Cox. But were I a such a voter, I would be comforted that so outstanding a lawyer was to hand. There are some children in and around the House of Commons who would prefer that an MP be so generally useless that he/she is never offered any work outwith the House. If that is what they wish so be it. But to enforce such a result to apply universally strikes me as remarkably dense.

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    Hi Simon. Thank you for your interesting & informative posts. I’ve just been informed that CIHL is about to de-list. I know that you follow this stock – what are your thoughts? I have a small but not insubstantial holding at 32.8p. Any comments gratefully received. Malcolm

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