Evil Diaries Addendum: Failed murder attempt to be compensated

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I met Sean Daley getting on for eight years ago. He had been CEO of Camco Corporation, operating in Kyrgyzstan and which was a subsidiary of what became 3DM Worldwide, now known as Environmental Recycling Technologies (AIM: ENRT). There was an attempt in Bishkek upon his life in July 2006 during which four gun shots, fired at close range, hit him, one in the lower back. The managing director of 3DM, a Ken Brooks, who tried to get out of honouring Sean’s employment contract but got jumped on by the Court, is one of the most repulsive people I have ever encountered.

However, the assassination attempt was not orchestrated by Brooks. It was in fact organised by Kyrgyzstan’s then president Kurmanbek Bakiyev and members of his family since Sean was getting in the way of the Bakiyevs’ fraudulent activities. Sean was trying to effect a settlement as between Oxus Gold (OXS) and Kyrgyzstan in respect of the goldmining operations that Oxus was seeking to develop and in which Oxus had heavily invested.

Maxsim Bakiyev, Kurmanbek’s son, now lives as an asylum seeker in South East England and his father, ousted from power through a popular revolt in 2012, lives in Belarus. Sean is suing Maxsim Bakiyev for millions of pounds since, although the assassins have been found guilty at trial and sentenced to life imprisonment in Bishkek, it was shown in the Bishkek court that the masterminds were the Bakiyevs. Max Bakiyev has property in England, presumably in the names of others, and cannot run off since nobody else will have him.

Anyway, next Friday 13th February the High Court in London will give Court directions. I expect to return to this fascinating case.

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