Evil Diaries: A soi disant plagiarist comments

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Evil Diaries: A soi disant plagiarist comments

Rather to my surprise I have lately found myself as Mark Watson-Mitchell’s foghorn. His piece yesterday on Europa Oil and Gas (EOG) caught my eye since, getting on for twenty years ago, I made quite a lot of dough in this very stock. I then forgot about it – there was a host of setbacks.

But FinnCap’s analyst has come up with a target price of 7p+. And Mark’s piece emphasises the possibility. My only gripe is that he does not offer an analysis of risked reserves. But we’ll let that pass. I this morning paid 1.7p for 1m.


I yesterday paid 134p for 50,000 REA (RE.) since the stock showed 118p to 127p on the screen. Rather to my surprise an RNS popped up this morning full of the good news. Such as the activation of the coal mining interests which are showing/about to show a profit of $2m a month for the next twelve+ months. Of course I am not involved for RE.’s coal but its palm oil. This also and centrally is bang up to speed. I still think RE. should reach 200p in 2022. The prefs at 110p remain a steal.


I did not realise that a number of the top staff of DarkTrace (DARK) used to be at Autonomy. The common factor as between these two companies is a Mike Lynch. Stay short of DARK.

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  • Surinder D-B says:

    Hi Simon,

    Confused with with financial arrangements over at Amigo.
    Would greatly appreciate, if you could shed some light on the future outlook?

    Thank you

  • Spence says:

    IMO #AMGO is just a punt; it’s in the lap of the Gods (not some online high court judge!) no one knows as to what will happen, the proposed share dilution is farcical; hence Cochran bailing-out! It’s a 50/50 roulette job ! GLA

  • Surinder D-B says:

    HI Simon,

    How is it that II investor’s bailed out of AMGO before the disastrous RI announcement?
    Was the CEO keeping private investors in the dark whilst informing the institutional investors as what was on the horizon?

    Surely a better path could have been mapped out to sort out the financial mess!

    What is your view on holding for the longer term now?

    Thank you for your time and very much appreciate your insight!

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