Evil Diaries: A reluctant shaver

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Evil Diaries: A reluctant shaver

I suppose that language needs to be toned to the audience. A friend of my family, a Mr Grice, an Oxford philosophy don some sixty-five years ago had previously served in the navy and, at one stage, been called before the admiral, who told him that “They tell me Grice that you do not shave very well.” “Oh no,” said Grice, “I shave very well but not very often.”


Pantheon Resources (PANR) this morning report that everything is going to plan. The figures are dazzling. Perhaps 300p is a realistic target. I paid 135p.


Over at Watchstone (WTG), they are chewing through cash largely because of lawyers. Let’s hope that there is still enough in the kitty before WTG pulls off the coup of a lifetime and zonks PwC for several hundred million pounds by way of damages. And then there are the good folk at KPMG whose work some nine years ago falls to be challenged.

Being an audit partner used to be good fun with terrific lunches. No longer. Nowadays an audit partner keeps slim by scurrying to his bank trusting that the pot stays ahead of the fines, legal fees and compensation payments. It usually does.

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  • Mr John H Atkinson says:

    WTG does not appear to be listed on the LSE. Did they drop their listing to save money when the litigation began? I assume you are pointing out WTG to potential investors, can the shares still be traded?

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