Evil Diaries: A Period Of Quiet Is Called For

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Evil Diaries: A Period Of Quiet Is Called For

Gary Lineker has expressed a view on HMG’s plans to cope with asylum seekers. He says these plans are “beyond awful” – although he does not disclose what they should be. But he makes a major error in comparing HMG’s conduct with Hitler’s mad racial theories as put into operation in Germany and eventually beyond in the nineteen thirties. Here entirely innocent victims who lived in and were citizens of the relevant territories were murdered on an industrial scale. No comparison with HMG’s current plans is even remotely possible.

However, this is not a blunder by a schoolboy but an offering from a commentator endorsed by the BBC, a source of authority to many ears in Britain. Naturally, those who insist that the facts of the Holocaust must be kept permanently in the minds of all (and I think they should be) are alarmed by the deterioration of cogent thought. It develops a relatively small step towards Holocaust denial.

Lineker seems not to understand this and merely asserts that he will try to keep speaking for those who have “no voice”. Prime Minister Attlee, a notoriously taciturn fellow, observed seventy-five years ago that a period of quiet on the part of a pair of gasbags then in his party was what was required. Lineker should immediately take that attitude into account.


DARKtrace announced its results yesterday. But until sufficient time has elapsed to see that Quintessential Capital’s report (and that of Matt Earl) is wrong (very unlikely) one should be highly sceptical. Later yesterday it emerged that millions of pounds of shares bought in by DARK were in fact sold by senior managers of DARK. Holders of DARK had better reflect upon that. After all, DARK had tried to foster the notion that the shares are cheap. Actually, they will just go cheaper.

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  • TheThinController says:

    I will certainly be loading up on Darktrace, This is another Crowdstrike in the making.

  • S. Bailey says:

    Linkekar was not comparing the actions of HMG to that of nineteen thirties Germany, he was comparing the rhetoric. And in many ways, he is correct. There is a similar demonisation of a group, often to distract attention from other failings, and gross exaggeration designed to whip up fear (e.g. Braverman’s warning that the 100 million refugees in the world are coming here when that is laughably far from the truth).
    I also give the public credit to realise that Linekar is a football commentator with a personal opinion on this issue, not a spokesperson for the BBC who, actually, have many visible Conservative government supporters in prominent positions.

  • Tolle says:

    I have never felt right re wandisco (now suspended and under investigation re accounting) and darktrace.

  • Andy H says:

    What is the point of this hopeless drivel. We have an appallingly incompetent govt that is bankrupting the country and trashing our international reputation. We have a BBC that is run by Tory donors and Party sympathisers. We have no realistic immigration policy And we have synthetic outrage when someone sensible in a personal capacity criticises the govt’s highly unpleasant plans. Are we meant to sit back and not voice our outrage at what is being done to Britain.

  • Phillip Ovenden says:

    I am not quite sure why comments by a football pundit on his own twitter account should be included in an investment sheet.
    I think this says more about the writers personal beliefs.

  • Mark Dale says:

    Lineker mentioned that in connection with migrants, our government was using language similar to that used in Germany in the1930s.
    Braverman conflated this with the Holocaust . You have repeated the error. Lineker is exactly correct. The government is using language calculated to whip up an anti-migrant mood.

  • David Jones says:

    Dear Simon
    Gary Lineker is entitled to give his opinion on his private twitter account unless his freelance contract forbids from doing so, which I doubt. Many other BBC employees express their private opinion on twitter without receiving criticism from people like you. Andrew Neil was well known for his twitter rants when he was a BBC employee. Richard Madeley of ITV will be giving his political opinions tonight on QuestionTime. Pierce Morgan is another “source of authority” who regularly publicly expresses his often controversial opinions via twitter.
    What makes Gary Lineker stand out, of course, is that his views are left-wing and he dares to criticize the government. Like others, you distort what he actually wrote in order to maximize your argument. Yes he draws comparisons with the language and style of 1930s German government, but in the sense that Jews were made a scapegoat for Germany’s economic problems and the German government used divisive language to whip up hatred of Jews and other ethnic groups to garner support for their policies. Also, the German government actively suppressed any opposition to their policies and blamed lawyers and judges for defending Jewish people. Suella Braverman and Rishi Sunak use divisive language and deliberately stir up hatred of migrants in the hope that this will win them votes at the next GE. They blame migrants to hide their own incompetence in managing the asylum system. They blame “lefty lawyers” and human rights activists for defending migrants right.

    So there are indeed parallels. Obviously Lineker wasn’t accusing the government of intending to carry out genocide. That’s silly and should know better than to suggest that he meant that. He is well known for his humane and compassionate views of people whatever nationality, colour or religion. Presumably you consider yourself to be a compassionate man and a believer in free speech. Maybe you should respect his right to express his opinions, as you would others, even though you might disagree with them them.


  • chris wheatley says:

    The british school system only really teaches about the nazis so Garry was always going to use that as his reference point
    Suella was correct to warn about 100 million coming as now is not the same as the past with easyJet a 100 million could easily come especially if you get a house on arrival
    The immigrants are not being demonised as they are not actually refugees it is simply not true that France is not safe anyone coming from France needs to be returned immediately
    There is a case for taking people directly from refugee camps there is no case for people crossing 20 countries looking for the best benefits and even then it is cheaper to spend the money in the refugee camps
    Gary should be allowed to tweet he has recently come out in support of Bernie sanders it is up to the bbc themselves to change the rules and probably ban all social media of employees long term
    The bbc is run by 3000 left wing journos with one ineffective tory donor at the top who everyone ignores, it is a blairite organisation it hates the tories bur also hated corbyn it supports net zero, the eu and mass immigration when it should be impartial
    they need to sell off the radio and the internet and then the bbc tv and channel 4 can be folded into britbox and open to subscribers
    Immigration is great if we use the Australian model based on points
    The current government is completely incompetent it is pro high taxes and low growth it supports the net zero hoax it has not built houses and it should have jailed all the people who entered illegally and has not left the human rights conventions as the judges have political agendas that have over ridden the initial intention
    Garry should be allowed to speak unless the bbc change the rules for employees but it would be easier just to privatise the bbc and channel 4
    Gary is back on the bbc he has not beeb cancelled it is the euro elite who want to cancel the public and show their high status

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