Evil Diaries: A bad Penny

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Evil Diaries: A bad Penny

I dare say some readers will remark that I am screwy to have gone out of my way to warn readers that to bet on politics requires insider knowledge and then to remark that there is a trading opportunity sitting here right now. I refer of course to laying Penny Mordaunt who is clearly seriously deficient in her claims to be Johnson’s successor.

One must always doubt the Daily Mail which although I have read it for the last forty years must be classified as a snide rag. One should never forget that its editorial purpose is to develop a daily hate. However, today’s onslaught against Penny Mordaunt is more serious than that. She is clearly a fake and general lightweight.

On top of which is an unreserved attack by Lord Frost in today’s Daily Telegraph. He is a clever and thorough man and cannot see that Mordaunt is remotely up to it.

Given all the trouble Britain has had through Johnson’s pigheadedness do we really want another dose? If the Conservative Party were to do that it can write off its chances at the next election. Mordaunt can be laid at 6/5 against.

As to which of Sunak or Truss will or should succeed I have no more idea than that of our cleaner.


FeverTree (FEVR) is at last falling apart. Today’s profit warning is very unlikely to be the last. Margins are under pressure and still collapsing.


Finally, Celsius, some dealer in cryptocurrencies in New Jersey, has collapsed. It’s looking dire for the crypto fad.

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  • Paul says:

    Sunak is best left in charge at the treasury. He and his personal financial position is totally unrelatable for the average voter and that will be the straw that breaks the voters back.

    And as for Truss, she makes even Starmer look good.

    Provided that they can work together for the good of the country, the ideal result is for Mordaunt in No. 10 and Sunak back in No. 11

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