The Evil Diaries: Tesla, Hammond, Carney and Troon

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The Evil Diaries: Tesla, Hammond, Carney and Troon
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There is still plenty of time to short Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA). Just consider the following:

And some of the comments:

Did Musk program that first game he sold for millions?

Nope he bought it off a kid and sold it to his friend who worked at a big gaming publisher.

Did Musk program or develop Paypal?

Nope, he bought it off a guy and sold it to Meg Whitman for billions, even though it never made money.

Did Musk start Tesla or engineer anything in the company?

Nope, a couple engineers started Tesla using a Lotus chassis they wanted to electrify. Musk swooped in and bought the rights to the car and then took billions from the government to develop Tesla Motors.

Did Musk ever make a solar panel?

Nope, knowing he could steal billions from the government and mislead stupid investors who would buy anything he took public. He sat down with his cousin and said, hey man you want to be a billionaire? On a frickin napkin he sketched out Solar City’s business fraud. Sell leases to solar panels to corporations looking to book their green cred and get tax credits, then book 30 yesrs of lease payments as real cash now. Somehow the SEC doesn’t investigate this.

SpaceX, nope not started by Musk.

Hyperloop? Not if you count the thousands of SciFi stories that had the same exact idea, or the real physical vacuum tube subway prototypes. Hell a guy in France made a pneumatic train that ran on a cushion of air capable of traveling 350mph+ in the 1960s. Musk made a drawing of a pod in a fucking tube and is given credit for inventing a new transportation system.

The man is one of the greatest frauds in history. Tesla should be stripped of its name since it is an insult to one of the greatest geniuses of all time.


I checked with my father who was Vice-Master of University College Oxford at the time Philip Hammond was there studying PPE. My father says that Hammond is really clever. We’ll see.

However, I find it extraordinary that Carney is still in post since his comments on the run-up to Brexit were essentially political, no doubt at the behest of Osborne and Cameron. Had he shown the basic courtesy of disclosing that his estimation of the effect of Brexit was dependent upon an assumption as to the behaviour of the Continentals in the event of a Brexit vote all would have been well. But he did not. This behaviour was not accidental on his part. It was quite deliberate.


Finally, I disclose in the early hours of play at Troon that I have backed Sergio Garcia to win me £210,000. I took 28/1.

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